7 GOP Senators Turn RINO, Threatening Election and National Stability

Donald Trump is dominating the 2024 presidential primaries. Despite facing strong contenders with significant financial backing, Trump is sweeping delegates across the nation. Polls show him leading Joe Biden in crucial swing states, and Trump’s popularity appears to be on the rise.

Moreover, the New York conviction has bolstered Trump’s campaign. He raised millions of dollars following the guilty verdict.

Most of the GOP is rallying behind Trump, confident he will return to the White House. This is the time for Republican leaders to unite with the candidate to ensure a strong showing in the new Congress. However, some key Republicans are holding out. It seems these RINOs won’t support their party.

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From Daily Caller:
Despite Trump’s positive polling and historic fundraising numbers since a New York City jury found Trump guilty on all 34 counts against him, there are still several Republicans who will not say whether or not they will be supporting Trump in November…

Here Are The Senate Republicans Who Have Not Endorsed Trump:

Louisiana Sen. Bill Cassidy
Kansas Sen. Jerry Moran
Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski
Utah Sen. Mitt Romney
Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul
Maine Sen. Susan Collins
Indiana Sen. Todd Young
, Young, Collins, and Murkowski have all stated they won’t vote for Trump in 2024.

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According to the Daily Caller, seven Republican senators have not endorsed Donald Trump’s candidacy. Despite being their party’s presidential nominee, they have refused to back Trump officially. Some of these names might be familiar to you. They have previously been labeled as RINOs and even as “traitors” by party members.

However, this group’s silence when the stakes are so high might be shocking to many voters. Trump’s presidency isn’t the only position on the ballot this year. Many Republicans are fighting to gain or retain public seats. By refusing to support Trump, these senators could dampen the entire election cycle.

Republicans need more than just the White House. They require a significant majority in both the House and the Senate. Without that, even a second Trump administration wouldn’t be enough to reverse the substantial damage caused by Biden.

Do these Republicans want Democrats to continue their unchecked control in Washington?

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Source: Daily Caller

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