Senator Josh Hawley Takes Stand Against Expanded Government Surveillance – Urges Removal of Controversial Amendment

In a surprising turn of events, the Republican-controlled House has passed a bill granting expanded powers to the government, sparking concern among Americans about their privacy rights. The bill, aimed at reauthorizing the FISA program, enables government surveillance of citizens without requiring a warrant, raising alarms about potential violations of privacy.

However, the ramifications of this bill extend far beyond mere surveillance. If enacted, it would compel a broader range of entities and individuals to share data with the FBI, further eroding privacy protections. Senator Josh Hawley has emerged as a vocal opponent of this legislation, sounding the alarm about the government’s overreach and its implications for civil liberties.

From Breitbart:
Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) on Thursday said he introduced an amendment to end an FBI “power grab” in a spy powers bill that is meant to rein in government surveillance abuse.

Hawley wrote, “Everyone should know about the Turner Amendment. This part of the House bill gives the FBI the power to press even MORE individuals into helping facilitate government surveillance. Could your landlord or your handyman be sharing your info with the FBI? Maybe.”

At the heart of the controversy is an amendment introduced by the Republican Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, which seeks to redefine “electronic service provider” to broaden the scope of data collection by the government. This expansion would encompass not only internet service providers but also a myriad of other service providers, including landlords and contractors.

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Senator Hawley has called for the removal of this amendment from the FISA bill, citing concerns about the undue power it grants to the FBI. In light of recent controversies surrounding the agency’s conduct, including allegations of selective enforcement and political bias, Hawley argues that expanding its authority would be unwarranted and potentially dangerous.

The FBI’s track record has come under scrutiny in recent years, with accusations of bias and preferential treatment. Hawley’s efforts to strip the controversial amendment from the bill have garnered support from concerned citizens and lawmakers alike, who fear the implications of unchecked government surveillance.

With mounting pressure from constituents and advocacy groups, there is a growing chorus of voices calling for the rejection of this bill in its current form. Senator Hawley’s stand against expanded government surveillance reflects a broader concern about the erosion of privacy rights and the need to safeguard civil liberties in the digital age.

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As the debate rages on in Washington, the fate of the FISA bill hangs in the balance. Will lawmakers heed the warnings of Senator Hawley and others who advocate for stronger privacy protections, or will concerns about national security trump concerns about civil liberties? Only time will tell.

Source: Breitbart

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