Dershowitz Challenges Judge’s Decision in Trump Trial, Highlights Concerns Over Political Interference

As former President Donald Trump faces another legal battle, this time over jury selection in his hush money trial, his legal team continues to push back against what they perceive as biased treatment by New York City prosecutors.

Renowned attorney Alan Dershowitz, a staunch defender of Trump’s constitutional rights, recently intervened in the case, calling for an immediate halt to what he deemed as unjust proceedings. Dershowitz asserted that Trump should instead contest the case in Pennsylvania, questioning the legality of the court’s decision to remand him to trial.

In a bold move, Dershowitz labeled the court’s actions as “unlawful” and urged Trump’s legal team to challenge the judge’s authority. He condemned the judge’s handling of the case as “political interference,” arguing that it infringed upon Trump’s right to free speech.

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From the Daily Caller:
Former Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz slammed Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s case against Trump for “depriving” voters of a “fair election” Tuesday on Fox, adding that the presiding judge should “absolutely” recuse himself.

“I’m an American voter who hasn’t decided at this point who to vote for and who to vote against. I just want a fair election. This case is depriving the American public – I’m speaking for the American public not for either candidate – of the right to have a fair election,” Dershowitz stated.

Dershowitz also raised concerns about the judge’s daughter, who has ties to leftist associates of President Joe Biden. He suggested that her involvement in the case could pose a conflict of interest, as she stands to benefit financially from her father’s rulings.

“The relationship between the judge and his daughter raises serious questions about impartiality,” Dershowitz stated. “If Trump loses due to the judge’s decision, she stands to profit. That is a clear conflict of interest.”

“The gag order is unconstitutional. You cannot prevent a defendant from attacking the witnesses, from attacking the judge’s daughter – if the judge’s daughter could be a basis for disqualification,” Dershowitz stated.

Dershowitz emphasized that both liberals and conservatives should be alarmed by the weaponization of the legal system for political purposes. He cautioned against the misuse of law enforcement resources to target Trump, warning that such actions could undermine the integrity of the upcoming 2024 presidential election and the nation as a whole.

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“This case epitomizes election interference,” Dershowitz declared. “We cannot allow the legal system to be manipulated for partisan gains. It’s a threat to democracy.”

As Trump’s trial unfolds, Dershowitz’s intervention sheds light on the broader implications of political interference in the judicial process, underscoring the need for a fair and impartial legal system that upholds the principles of justice for all.

Source: Daily Caller

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