Barr Slams Bragg’s Case Against Trump as “Baseless,” Vows Support for Former President

Former Attorney General Bill Barr made headlines today with his scathing critique of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s case against ex-President Donald Trump, branding it as groundless and politically motivated. In an exclusive interview with Fox News, Barr didn’t mince his words, calling the allegations a “phantom” and vowing to cast his vote in favor of the GOP nominee come November.

In his remarks, Barr highlighted the dubious nature of the charges, emphasizing that the investigation into Trump’s alleged hush money payments was not only unfounded but also strategically timed for political gain. “This case is nothing short of a political witch hunt,” Barr asserted, echoing sentiments echoed by many within the Republican camp.

Central to Bragg’s argument is the notion that Trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen, made illicit contributions to the Trump campaign, a claim Barr vehemently refuted. “They’re attempting to predicate it on a felony that wasn’t even indicted,” Barr explained, dismissing the legal basis of the case. “This was not a campaign contribution, plain and simple. They’re just twisting the law.”

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Barr’s vocal defense of Trump comes amidst speculation about his own political leanings and future ambitions. Despite past disagreements and reservations about a potential Trump second term, Barr’s unwavering support for the former president sends a clear message of solidarity within the Republican ranks.

As the legal battle unfolds, Barr’s critique adds fuel to the fiery debate surrounding the intersection of law and politics. With the specter of partisan motives looming large, the outcome of Bragg’s case against Trump remains uncertain, but one thing is clear: the former attorney general is not backing down from his stance.

In a political landscape fraught with division and distrust, Barr’s declaration serves as a rallying cry for Trump loyalists and a reminder of the enduring power of partisan politics. Whether his words will sway the course of the investigation or merely add to the cacophony of voices remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: the battle lines have been drawn, and Barr is firmly entrenched in Trump’s corner.

Bill Barr

“As far as I might be concerned, this shows the genuine danger to freedom, the genuine danger to our framework are the abundances of the dynamic left. They’re distorting the arrangement of equity and that is where the peril lies: the defilement and the disruption of our foundations by the left,” he said.

Found out if he would uphold Trump for president, Barr answered, “Indeed, I’ve expressed from the start, given two terrible decisions, I believe it’s my obligation to pick the individual I think would cause minimal damage to the nation, and to me, I will cast a ballot the conservative ticket. I will uphold the conservative ticket.”

“I think the genuine risk to our country, the genuine risk to a majority rules government is … the ever-evolving plan,” he underscored.

With Trump, the US “might be playing Russian roulette, yet continuation of the Biden organization is public self destruction,” Barr said.

A few lawful specialists have called Bragg’s body of evidence against Trump feeble.

George Washington College Graduate school teacher Jonathan Turley portrayed it as a “Frankenstein case” in light of revived claimed crime business record infringement.

From the website : Alvin Bragg Faces Early Setback in Trump Trial as Judge Rules Against Key Evidence

“So many of us are simply stunned to watch this really stroll into court, since it’s anything but an unmistakable wrongdoing that any of us have seen,” he said.

Previous government examiner Andy McCarthy contended in a Monday piece for Public Survey, “Trump’s best safeguard … isn’t really to lay out that he isn’t blameworthy; rather, it is to lay out that, assuming he is at legitimate fault for anything, it is only of the crime. Assuming the jury so finds, I accept the case would need to be tossed out.”

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