Trump Drops New Debate Bombshell on Biden

Debate night is a high-stakes poker game — every word spoken is a card played, with fortunes riding on the outcome. This week, Donald Trump will debate President Joe Biden. Few thought the Democrat would even attempt to debate Trump; he has called Trump everything from a threat to democracy to an illegitimate candidate. However, with Biden lagging in swing state polls, it seems he has no choice.

Many are wondering how this first debate will go. CNN is the host and has set rules that seem to protect Biden from unexpected gaffes and flubs. However, the White House and Biden campaign could go even further to prevent Biden from falling hard. Trump has previously suggested Biden got a little “help” to deliver this year’s State of the Union address. Now, he is dropping a bombshell on old Joe. We’ll see how Biden responds.

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From The Post Millennial:
On Monday, just a few days away from Thursday’s presidential debate, Donald Trump called for Joe Biden to undergo a drug test. Trump added that for himself, he would “immediately agree to one.”

Trump wrote on his Truth Social account, “DRUG TEST FOR CROOKED JOE BIDEN??? I WOULD, ALSO, IMMEDIATELY AGREE TO ONE!!!”

The post came after Trump has made the suggestion before. Back in April, Trump told reporter Hugh Hewitt in an interview, “I want to debate, and I think debates, with him, at least, should be drug tested. I want a drug test.”

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Trump said that Joe Biden needs to take a drug test before the debate. The Republican candidate said he would also immediately agree to one. Trump had called for this earlier in April. The former president accused Biden of using “cocaine” before his SOTU. It seems Trump doesn’t believe Biden has the energy to deliver a speech on his own.

Many will likely agree with Trump. Most of the time, Biden appears slow, irritated, and confused. All signs, from some perspectives, of mental decline. Biden slurs his words and often fails to finish sentences, even with pre-written remarks.

How does his campaign expect him to perform during a live debate? We can expect CNN to secretly provide the questions to Biden. But beyond that, it’s unlikely that the Democrat has the stamina to face Trump. Without, of course, the aid of the prescription pad.

Will Biden Comply? But will Biden comply with a drug test? Unlikely. If he manages to keep his composure during the debate, though, Trump is sure to blame drugs.

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The debate is shaping up to be a crucial moment for both candidates. Trump’s call for a drug test has already stirred the pot, and Biden’s response will be critical. As a conservative, I have doubts about Biden’s ability to stand up to Trump without some kind of aid. The debate will reveal a lot about both candidates.

Let’s see if Biden can handle the heat or if Trump will expose him as unfit for the presidency. What will happen?

Source: The Post Millennial

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