Hunter’s Ex-Stripper Makes Shocking Claim – What Happened Days After She Got Pregnant

The Biden White House has been working overtime to suppress damaging stories about Hunter Biden. Despite their efforts, these scandals continue to emerge. Perhaps the most troubling is Hunter and his family’s treatment of his own daughter.

Hunter fathered a daughter with Lunden Roberts, a former stripper with whom he had a brief affair.

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Joe Biden has refused to acknowledge his granddaughter, and Hunter even tried to avoid providing support but lost in court. Roberts made a shocking revelation that should concern every American. What happened the day she found out she was pregnant with Hunter’s child?

From Daily Wire:
Ex-stripper Lunden Roberts said during an interview last week that the night she learned that she was pregnant with Hunter Biden’s child that her cellphones crashed and her iCloud was hacked and a lot of the content she had backed up was deleted…

She said that the phones had black, green, and purplish lines fluttering on the screens as they crashed, saying that it was a complete meltdown and that she had to replace her phones the next day…

When asked what she thinks happened, Roberts responded: “That is still up in the air. That’s something that I can’t, I can’t explain. I don’t know exactly what happened.”

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Lunden Roberts claimed that the day she discovered she was pregnant with Hunter’s child, her phones crashed, and her iCloud was hacked. According to Roberts, “almost everything with Hunter” was erased from her account. She stated that while the data was backed up, everything in the cloud was lost.

The damage was so severe that she had to purchase new phones. It is unclear how this happened, but many Americans will undoubtedly question whether this was a coincidence. Could the government have hacked into her accounts to destroy evidence of her relationship with Hunter?

There is no concrete proof that this was the case. This incident occurred in 2018, two years before Joe Biden was elected and three years before he took office. It is hard to imagine that federal agents would have intervened to help the former Vice President.

However, Biden has friends outside the government who might have been able to do this. Could Hunter have contacted his pals in China to find a way to erase Roberts’ phones?

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We don’t know for sure, but this is deeply troubling.

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Source: Daily Wire

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