Hillary Clinton Commits D-Day Blunder – Online Backlash Ensues

This week marked the 80th anniversary of D-Day, the pivotal battle that turned the tide of WWII. Thousands of American and Allied troops bravely stormed the beaches of Normandy, liberating Europe from Nazi Germany’s grip.

Many Americans remember this day, particularly those who lost family members during the historic event.

Using her protected X account, Hillary Clinton chose to comment on the 80th anniversary. Instead of simply honoring American veterans, she took a political stance, seemingly comparing Donald Trump to a notorious enemy.

From The Washington Examiner:
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton outraged X users Thursday in her attempt to commemorate D-Day’s anniversary in a post.

“Eighty years ago today, thousands of brave Americans fought to protect democracy on the shores of Normandy,” Clinton wrote. “This November, all we have to do is vote.”

From the website : Joy Reid’s On-Air Meltdown After Byron Donalds Calls Her Out

Clinton claimed the men who fought on D-Day were doing so to “protect democracy.” While they were indeed doing much more than that, Hillary then suggested that we will be “protecting democracy” when we vote in November. It seems Clinton is perpetuating the narrative that Donald Trump is a “threat” to democracy, despite accusations that her party is misusing the legal system to prevent Americans from voting for him.

Users did not take kindly to Clinton, who undermined democracy during the Democratic primaries in 2016, using D-Day to push politics. Social media quickly lit up with reactions.

From Daily Wire:
“It’s impossible to capture just how loathsome a comment this is…”

“What kind of shameless, broken, lizard person do you have to be to tweet out some nonsense like this?”…

“In 2016 you attempted to undo everything they fought for by partnering with Fusion GPS to launder discredited oppo in the press, and merchandise it into surveillance warrants on enemies through FISA. Were my WWII vet grandparents alive today, they’d slam this,” radio host Dana Loesch added.

Critics were quick to call out Clinton’s actions, accusing her of undermining democracy. They ridiculed her for comparing Trump to Adolf Hitler. Others slammed her for suggesting that voting in an election is comparable to brave soldiers dodging machine-gun fire to liberate Europe.

From the website : 7 GOP Senators Turn RINO, Threatening Election and National Stability

Clinton apparently feared backlash from her post. Currently, only those she follows or quotes can comment on her X posts. Clinton enjoys spreading her unpopular views but refuses to acknowledge anyone else’s. That doesn’t sound very democratic, does it?

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Source: The Washington Examiner, Daily Wire

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