Fani Willis Just Took a Desperate Measure – Is She Trying to Save Herself?

A liberal prosecutor from Georgia has launched a significant criminal lawsuit against Trump and his former associates. Fani Willis claims that Trump attempted to “steal” the 2020 Election using a RICO scheme. However, Willis’ plans hit a snag when she was exposed for questionable behavior.

Willis faced criticism for hiring her secret boyfriend and paying him more than other investigators. Their relationship raised serious ethical concerns, prompting a hearing.

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Willis could be removed from the case she initiated against Trump. Her efforts to convict Trump before this year’s election are not looking good, and she might even be disbarred for her actions. In a desperate move, she is now asking the court to save her.

From The Post Millennial:
Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’s Office filed a motion in Georgia’s Appeal Court on Wednesday to throw out former President Donald Trump’s motion to remove Willis from his Georgia 2020 election case, the New York Post reports.

Willis argued that she should be allowed to continue as lead prosecutor in the case because her secret lover Nathan Wade resigned as special prosecutor after Judge Scott McAfee decided in March that only one of them could remain on the case.

“Hey, I fired my boyfriend from the case. Isn’t that enough!?” That’s essentially what Willis is telling the court. Never mind the serious conflict of interest she created by hiring her boyfriend. Nor the concerns that she might have been funneling taxpayer money into his pocket for them both to enjoy.

Willis is requesting that the court dismiss Trump’s demand that she face the consequences of her actions. She appears to be panicking over her trial, which is hanging by a thread.

Even legal experts on liberal news networks criticized Willis’ actions. Some believe her entire career is over, and she will be disbarred for her conduct. The irony is that Willis vowed to take down Trump, accusing him of corruption.

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Yet, she might have destroyed her political future due to an incredibly corrupt act.

Democrats have been desperate to take down Trump. Many accuse them of engaging in “lawfare,” abusing the courts to undermine his campaign. Joe Biden has been implicated in these tactics, as his DOJ is driving many of these cases.

Willis’ troubles have delayed the actual case against Trump. If it proceeds, it won’t be until after the election, nullifying the point of Willis launching it in the first place.

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Source: The Post Millennial

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