Bill O’Reilly Just Confirmed Everything We Told You Yesterday: Joe Biden Is Exiting

I am truly thrilled to share this update with you for two main reasons.

First, it is always satisfying when our reporting is confirmed to be 100% accurate. Just yesterday, we informed you that Joe Biden is indeed exiting the race, and today, Bill O’Reilly has confirmed our report as entirely correct.

Take a look:

From the website : Michelle Obama’s New Rift with the Bidens Erupts

But the second reason I am so excited to bring you this news is because I grew up watching and admiring Bill O’Reilly, especially his work on The O’Reilly Factor.

Yes, I know Bill has a history of some controversial behavior, such as the infamous “F-it, we’ll do it live!” outburst and his notoriously fiery temper. However, I have always loved his work and the way he structured his show. It was so well done, and a lot of what I do here at is modeled after various techniques I observed Bill use over the years.

To see that we brought you this story one day earlier than Bill O’Reilly and he then confirmed our reporting is truly an honor and quite surreal.

Yes, I am aware that Dan Bongino isn’t a huge fan of Bill O’Reilly:

But I don’t know the man personally. Strictly in terms of his professional work, I have always greatly admired Bill O’Reilly and have tried to model my work after his in many ways.


Success: A Special ‘THANK YOU’ to All Readers | Bill O’Reilly

This is a quick message to pause and say ‘THANK YOU’ to every one of you who faithfully read Different HUB and trust us to bring you the news.

It’s a mission I have never taken lightly since I founded this site with exactly ZERO dollars, ZERO readers, and ZERO followers back in 2015. We had nothing but a desire to report on the news directly and honestly, in a way the mainstream media (MSM) wouldn’t.

Fast forward six years, and we currently have between 4 to 6 million people visiting each month. That’s a lot. But to put it in context, Google estimates there are around 1.86 BILLION websites currently existing:

From the website : After Defeating Biden in Debate, Trump Makes a Stunning Statement

To put that further in context, we are in the top 0.0000045% of all websites out there! I’m not great at math, but I think that’s close to the top 1% of the top 1% of the top 1%. Not just political websites, ALL websites.

I don’t publish this to boast but to say ‘THANK YOU’ and to express how much of an honor and responsibility it is to bring you the news each day. Thank you for being here, thank you for trusting us, thank you for sharing our message, and thank you for helping us grow. We’re only here because of YOU!

To put it even more in context, and the real reason I was thinking about this today, I decided to look up how many people visit each month. I grew up watching The O’Reilly Factor every evening. Bill was the best and still IS the best when it comes to covering the news. He basically invented the Opinion/Hard News format and almost single-handedly launched Fox News on the back of The O’Reilly Factor.

I saw a social media post with a video of Bill, so I decided to check in and see how he’s doing nowadays. Bill’s site is currently #11,667 in the US, which is also in the top 1% of the top 1%:

However, I was stunned to learn we get about double the number of visitors each month than he does. And I’m not even saying we’re better, not at all. Bill, you’re an incredible guy, and I grew up watching you not just for the news you reported but also to study how you put your show together.

To now be having an impact like Bill O’Reilly is something that’s not quite registering with my brain yet. But I wanted to end this article by giving a public invitation to one of my heroes in journalism, Bill O’Reilly.

If someone reading this knows Bill and would show him this article, I would be forever grateful. Bill, we don’t have that Fox News money here at Different HUB, but if we could ever partner with you and bring your show to our platform, it would be the honor of a lifetime. A daily show, weekly show, you name it. “F—it, we’ll do it live!”

You’d have a home here, and I’m pretty sure I can speak for around 6 million people who would love to hear from you regularly again.

Bill, let’s make it happen!

Bill O’Reilly Just Confirmed Everything We Told You Yesterday: Joe Biden Is Exiting

Your friend,

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