After Trump – Barack Obama Makes a Desperate Plea

Over the weekend, Donald Trump visited Detroit, Michigan. He not only attended a pivotal rally but also met with key community leaders. Detroit, like many other cities, has been severely impacted by Biden’s economic policies.

However, something unexpected happened. Local Black leaders approached Trump for assistance.

From The Post Millennial:
Former President Donald Trump engaged in a roundtable discussion on Saturday at a Detroit church, where local community leaders raised concerns about current military policies, particularly focusing on transgender issues. The event saw community leaders urging Trump, should he be reelected, to reverse these woke policies within the military.

Community leaders in Detroit, including Black Americans, asked Trump to reverse the unpopular Biden policies. They specifically urged him to end the woke agenda within the military.

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From WLT Detriot:
Former Democrat mayor of Detroit, Kwame Kilpatrick, has formally endorsed Trump.

The Trump campaign announced the endorsement on Saturday before Trump made an appearance at 180 Church in Detroit.

Shortly after, a former Black mayor of Detroit made this stunning announcement.

It appears that African American community leaders are rallying to Trump’s banner. But if you think this is only happening in Detroit, think again.

From Daily Caller:
CNN senior data reporter Harry Enten said on that Monday former President Donald Trump is hurtling toward a remarkable performance with black voters in the 2024 election…

“You go from 7%, single-digits at this point in 2020, to now 21% and again, John, I keep looking for signs that this is going to go back to normal and I don’t see it yet in the polling of anything right now.”

Biden is losing ground with Black voters while Trump is gaining traction. It’s getting so bad that Democrats had to bring out the heavy hitters, but it doesn’t look like even Obama can save this sinking ship.

From Fox News:
“Joe Biden, you may not agree with everything he does,” Obama said at a campaign fundraiser for Biden in Los Angeles on Saturday, according to Axios. “By the way, you didn’t agree with everything I did. And that’s OK. Because in a big, messy, complicated country like this, there are going to be disagreements.”

“I need you guys to use your influence, and it doesn’t have to be boring,” Obama told them.

Currently, Obama is witnessing Biden’s spectacular fall in the studies and polls. Despite this, he is still urging influencers to sway voters into supporting Biden and pressuring Black voters to back a failing president. Obama stated it was “okay” for people to disagree with what Biden has done; however, what they disagree with is a man who has opened the border, wrecked the economy, allowed crime to destroy major cities, and sent billions of our dollars abroad.

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After Trump - Barack Obama Makes a Desperate Plea
After Trump – Barack Obama Makes a Desperate Plea

Why should influencers or Black voters believe Biden will do anything different in the next four years?

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Source: The Post Millennial, WLT Detriot, Daily Caller, Fox News

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